Our Values

At KiliGATE, we are uncompromising about our values and commitment to you and our partners. Our values not only define our beliefs and how we strive to operate every single day and make each of our decisions, but are the very reason for our existence. They are: transparency, responsibility, fairness, collaboration, and humanity.



We are 100% transparent in everything we do.


Transparency is one of our most fundamental reasons for building KiliGATE. It is precisely because we have observed an unjustifiable lack of transparency related to Kilimanjaro tourism that we feel compelled to change the status quo and disrupt the market. Our commitment to you—our readers and followers, clients and tourists, partners and service providers, team members and employees—is that we will always be 100% transparent about everything we do.



We hold us and our partners accountable.


We believe in responsible tourism and in the good intentions of all tourists. Global minds care about local issues. The more people travel, the more they see the world as one. Responsible tourism fosters mutual understanding and the feeling of connectedness, hence resolves conflicts before they even arise. This is more important now than ever. Therefore, we hold us and our partners accountable to give tourists the information and opportunities they need to act responsibly.



We believe in fair practices and opportunities.


Fairness is a lofty concept and—let’s face it—the world will never be fair. What we mean by fairness is to treat everyone with respect and integrity. In the context of Kilimanjaro, fair porter treatment is at the centre of our mission. Treating porters fairly means no cheating, paying them as promised, and treating them with a minimum standard of humanity. However, fairness cannot start or stop there. It applies to all our stakeholders, and we hold ourselves accountable for that.



Our shared mission leaves no room for ego.


Our primary goal is to achieve our mission in the fastest possible, most efficient and sustainable way. There will be many ways to achieve our mission. As long as these ways are fair and responsible, we do not care who takes credit and makes our shared mission come true. We believe in diversity and teamwork, in leveraging each other’s complementary strengths, and in collaborating to accelerate and maximize the impact that we can have together.



Whatever we do, humans always come first.


Whatever we do, we do not want to forget that humans always come first. No goal can be more important than making life better for humans, and no human is more valuable than another. If an action only suits a defined interest group, but has a larger negative impact on others, we shall refrain from implementing such action. The way we achieve our goals is as important as the goal itself. We strive to create happiness first, the goal comes after. Life is too short for the other way round.