Our Mission

Our mission is to build an efficient, sustainable and transparent tour booking platform for Africa. Starting with Kilimanjaro, we exist to serve, connect and support three communities: tourists thinking of traveling, exploring and discovering Africa; responsible tour operators; and the porters of Kilimanjaro.



Booking a climb shall be efficient, reliable and transparent from today forth.


We are building this transparent and time saving platform for you and with you in mind. We know how important it is to book your vacation with a responsible tour operator, and how time-consuming it can be to compare tour operators. Hence, we will help you save time, curate tour operators, make it easy to book your tour, and provide a safe payment gateway.

KiliGATE strives to ultimately take care of all your administrative, informative and organizational needs as a tourist so that you can enjoy a memorable, safe and well-prepared adventure—hassle free.


Tour operators

All responsible tour operators shall have a fair chance to compete.


For responsible tour operators, our mission is to build a neutral, efficient and highly visible platform. A platform that provides all market participants—small and big, local and international, low-cost and luxury alike—the opportunity to sell their tours to clients globally and build trust with a demanding clientele based on actual service, quality and performance standards. To do this, we build a neutral, open and highly visible platform.

Our commitment to you is to build an efficient administrative tool so that you as tour operator can focus your time on the actual service delivery while we do the marketing for you.



All porters working on Kilimanjaro shall be treated fairly.


For the porters of Kilimanjaro, our mission is to build a sustainable solution for fair treatment in order to stop the exploitation of human labor (read more here). We believe that building awareness of the porter treatment situation and creating transparency for tourists will automatically drive demand towards responsible operators and incentivize others to upgrade their practices.

To facilitate monitoring and compliance, we strive to ultimately build innovative solutions such as a direct payment mechanism for promised porter compensation.