Why should you pay fair prices?

Kilimanjaro is not a cheap mountain to climb, but we believe responsible travelling means to pay fair prices. Tourists are often surprised why they should pay thousands of dollars to climb a mountain in Africa. And why are there such vast differences in the levels of prices offered by different tour operators for climbing Kilimanjaro —from under US$ 2,000 to over US$ 5,000 and more?

Just book with a local guide to keep prices low and cut out international agencies, many websites and platforms claim—misleadingly, as we believe.

Here’s why:

  • Park fees and local taxes are a significant component of Kilimanjaro tour prices, amounting to ca. USD 700 in a very short 5- day climb and in excess of USD 1,000 for 8 days or more (click here for the official fee table). Fees and taxes are the same for all international climbers booking their tour with a duly licensed and registered company. It is highly questionable whether companies or guides promoting tours at the very bottom end of the price range are able to operate profitably within the legal framework.
  • The cost of your mountain crew is another significant component of Kilimanjaro tour prices. There are vast differences in the levels of pay received by your guides and porters. Sadly, most porters do not even receive their due minimum pay of 20,000 Tanzanian shillings (less than US$10) per day. Companies operating at the bottom end of the price range can only afford to do so at the cost of your porters. Pay fair prices!

Other than the bare legal and regulatory minimum, there are significant differences in the quality of tour operators, just as there are backpacker lodges and five-star hotels. What is most suitable for you depends on your own preferences and requirements:

  • Quality of equipment, including your tents—from the bare minimum to stand-up size tents with proper beds
  • Quality of meals provided—from mostly cold and starchy meals to high quality nutrition and luxurious dining settings
  • Experience and training of guides—from entry-level guides with basic English skills to near celebrity guides who have summited hundreds of times
  • Group sizes and composition— the ratio of guides (including assistant guides) and porters per climber
  • Staff treatment—companies at the higher end of the price range are also more likely to treat their staff well, far in excess of minimum requirements

You will find a wide range of prices and offers on KiliGATE, to suit your preferences. Just like a hotel booking platform caters to budget and luxury travellers alike, we hope to serve all tourists. However, you will not find the cheapest of the cheapest Kilimanjaro tours on KiliGATE. This is because none of our responsible partner companies would be able to profitably offer you such tours, while paying their park fees and taxes, adhering to minimum porter treatment standards, and providing you with a minimum level of quality and safety.

By booking your Kilimanjaro climb with one of our responsible tour operator partners on FairVoyage.com and paying a fair price, you not only make an important contribution to fair porter treatment but also to your own health and safety.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration to pay fair prices!