Why make your booking via KiliGATE?

We provide you with our services and give you all the information on KiliGATE for free. Of course, it would be easy for you to use KiliGATE to compare offers and find your dream adventures, but then contact your preferred operator or guide outside of KiliGATE and not use our system to reserve your Tour. We cannot prevent such circumvention, just like a hotel booking platform cannot prevent you from booking directly with a hotel. However, we strongly believe that you are visiting KiliGATE for a reason, and it’s this very reason that will also make you want to make your booking via KiliGATE:


To start with, we guarantee you the best price. As simple as that. And we hope to make life a lot easier for you by providing you with one central platform where you find all the information you need. We do not charge you for our services, and there are no hidden costs. We can only encourage you to make full use of our offer to help make life easier for you.

We have very ambitious plans to add more and more value to you over time, and we are not short of ideas how to do that. However, if there is any particular service or feature that would be particularly helpful for you, we would love to hear from you so we can prioritize what adds most value to you. You can message us here or send an email to support@kiligate.com.

We at KiliGATE, and more importantly each of our partners, are working hard to promote responsible tourism practices. We strongly believe that KiliGATE, together with the tremendous efforts of our partners, is the most sustainable solution to create lasting impact for the benefit of the porters on Kilimanjaro and their families to start with, and for other local communities as we expand our focus and offering.

However, we can only do so sustainably with your support. It is the collective awareness and responsible action of the tourist community that has the power to demand change, to stop the exploitation of human labor, and to contribute to sustainable local development. By booking your Tour via KiliGATE, you contribute to our joint cause. Thank you.

We not only strive to make life easier for you, but also for our responsible partner operators and guides. That’s why we’re building a fully integrated booking and payment platform that—as we expect—will be of most value to our smaller local partners and guides. The more we can make life easier for them, the more they can focus on delivering high-quality services at fair prices for you.

To develop such a fully integrated platform, we need to be able to find investors and cover our costs. Making your booking via KiliGATE is an important contribution to proof the sustainability of our initiative. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.