How does KiliGATE make money?

Our business model is very simple. We only earn a booking fee for confirmed reservations—full stop. Our booking fee is a fixed percentage of the total tour price, and it is the same for all tour operators. For Kilimanjaro tours, the booking fee is 3.3%.

The booking fee is owed to us by your tour operator, like a sales commission. In order to keep the payment process easy for our local partners, we obtain the booking fee directly from our clients in the form of a reservation deposit. We net the booking fee against your reservation deposit, so that tour operators do not need to make any payments to us.

The booking fee does not increase the tour price for you. We guarantee you the best price, inclusive of our booking fee. Nor does the booking fee eat into the profits of our tour operator partners. It is lower than commissions charged to them by other platforms or alternative distribution channels. The value that we hope to create for our tour operator partners by promoting responsible tourism and their responsible tour offering by far outweighs our fee.

We do not charge for registrations, nor for listing or promoting tours. This is because we want to enable all responsible tour operators to promote their tours, independent of their size or financial strength, so that we can show you a comprehensive offering. Furthermore, we want to show you the tours that best match your search requirements and have the highest ratings based on past performance. In no case do we want to be financially biased in the way we promote tours to you.

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