Booking process

The booking process, hence booking your adventure on KiliGATE is quick & easy.  You can communicate with all our partner operators and guides directly via KiliGATE and make your reservation almost instantly. Here are the steps that you would generally follow. First of all, find your dream adventure:

We invite you to make full use of our Tour and Operator search functionalities. You can filter Tours by destination (including specific hiking routes or national parks), by type of activity, by level of difficulty and by price range. Over time, we strive to add many more comparison and filtering options. We are also working on building our proprietary rating and review mechanism, so that you can filter and rank Tours and Operators by specific performance criteria.

For every Tour offered, you will find a comprehensive Tour overview page. From there, you will also find a link to the profile page of the Tour Operator who provides the specific Tour.

If you have general questions about Kilimanjaro or our other destinations, you can message us directly here, or send an email to We aim to respond to you within 24 hours.

Of course, you can also ask us more specific questions about a certain Tour or Operator.

If you have questions about a specific Tour or Operator, you can message the provider privately via the MESSAGE button on each Tour overview and Operator profile page. You can also post your question onto the public wall which you will find on each Operator’s profile page. This will help share your questions or comments also for the benefit of other travellers.

Of course, you can also ask each Operator more general questions about their destination(s) to obtain their second expert opinion. Fell free to do so directly via our above messaging features.

Once you have found your dream vacation, please make sure to lock in your Tour. While most of our Operators will go out of their way to try organize your requested Tour for you even on short notice, they are all very popular—especially during high season! Group Tours of our bigger partners are often fully booked months in advance. Private Tours can be arranged more easily, but are also limited by personal availability if you wish to book directly with one of our most popular local guides.

If you wish to reserve a Tour, click the RESERVE button on the Tour overview page. We then only ask you to provide your contact details. No payment is made a this stage, nor do you enter any payment or booking obligations. You can cancel your request at any time through your KiliGATE account page. If you take no further action after our confirmation, we will cancel your request automatically after the holding period.

Whenever you see a BOOK NOW button, this means that you can directly book your Tour, and you will receive and instant automatic booking confirmation. Currently, this applies to airport transfers for which your booking is guaranteed if shown as available at your requested time. Only for such Tours, we will ask you pay the Reservation Deposit immediately.

As soon as we have received your reservation request, we will immediately re-confirm availability with your Tour Operator. We expect that most Tours will be available as advertised. However, we will make this additional check for you to make sure there have not been any last minute changes, and that we can always honor our commitment to you.

Once double-checked, you will then obtain an email confirmation from us that we are holding your Tour for you, usually within 48 hours of your request. You will also obtain a copy of your Operator’s terms and conditions.

If you wish to proceed with your reservation after we have confirmed availability to you, we ask you to pay a reservation deposit within the holding period. You can conveniently and safely pay the deposit via a secure PayPal payment gateway, using your PayPal account or credit card information.

Your booking will be confirmed to you directly by your Tour Operator, subject to their terms and conditions. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

You will pay the balance of your Tour price directly to your Tour Operator, subject to their terms and conditions.

Depending on the Tour and their costs to make reservation arrangements for you, your Operator may ask you to pay another deposit or the full Tour price balance prior to confirming your booking.

Your preparation for your adventure doesn’t end with the booking—we know that very well. In the case of Kilimanjaro, booking your Operator is often only the first step. That’s why we won’t say goodbye as soon as you’ve booked your Tour with us, but we will still be here for you to guide you throughout your entire preparation process. It is our goal to assist you as much as possible.

Are you lost by everything that still needs to be organized? Do you have any questions about your travel insurance, flights, visas, gear, training, etc.—feel free to message us. We will make every effort to help you prepare and get ready for your dream vacation.

As we place high emphasis on the quality of our Tour Operator partners, we are confident that you will enjoy an unforgettable vacation with them. Should any parts of your Tour not be up to your expectations, please address it immediately with your guide locally. We are sure they will go out of their way to accommodate your wishes and make sure you return only with the best of memories.

If you have further questions on the KiliGATE booking process please contact us.