Best price policy

KiliGATE follows a best price policy. This means that any Tour offered on KiliGATE by a specific Operator is being offered to you at their best price. You will not find the same Tour offered by the same company or guide cheaper elsewhere, including by contacting them directly.

This is our policy to which all our partner Operators are committed to, so that you can enjoy the convenience of one central platform rather than obtaining and comparing offers from different sources.

We have built a strong relationship of mutual trust and cooperation with our partners, and fully expect each of them to comply with our best price policy at all times. Our partners fully support KiliGATE as both they and we know that our success is their success. And, practically speaking, our booking fee is too small for them to provide any incentive to cheat.

Different from other platforms, we give our partners the option to link their websites, social media channels and other contact details on KiliGATE. We encourage you to do your own research about our partners as much as you deem appropriate. This is important so that you can make a well-informed decision. In no case do we want to keep you from communicating directly with our partners, or blindly believe any information we provide. We know that we have to earn your trust first, and we are working hard on that!

All we ask is that you make your reservation via KiliGATE, in order to contribute to our cause of promoting responsible tourism. You can read more about this here.

If you spot cheaper prices elsewhere, this might be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Most likely, the tour is offered by a different operator. While you will find a wide range of prices and offers on our platform to suit your preferences, you are almost guaranteed to NOT find the cheapest of the cheapest Kilimanjaro tours offered by low budget operators on KiliGATE. This is because none of our responsible partner companies would be able to profitably offer you such tours, while paying their park fees and taxes, adhering to minimum porter treatment standards, and providing you with a minimum level of quality and safety. Please read more about fair prices here.
  2. If the tour is offered by the same Operator, it might not be exactly the same tour. Please compare especially the duration, itinerary and accommodation included in the tours. Lower number of days, lower park fees or lower quality accommodation all impact the cost of your tour.
  3. There might be rare circumstances where the pricing of one of our partners has changed recently and not yet been fully updated on KiliGATE. We are not yet aware of any such situation, but cannot guarantee that it won’t happen in future. Therefore, if you find the same Tour offered by one of our partner Operators cheaper via any other channel or quoted by them directly to you, please let us know immediately. We will make every effort to offer you the same lower price. Thank you.