Our Advisory Board Members

KiliGATE is honored to be supported by a dedicated advisory board of accomplished individuals. Together, they contribute a tremendous wealth of experience across responsible tourism and on-site work in Africa, social impact and international development, start-ups and entrepreneurship, as well as marketing and finance. Our advisory board members are committed to our mission and will help us accelerate and maximize our impact.

   Mateja Kramar
Mateja Kramar is a Marketing and Communications Expert with over 20 years of experience. She is/was a Co-Founder and Manager of many successful companies. She is working with companies in the areas of re-invention, cultural changes and re-branding. In the last 10 years she was working as a Management Consultant and Mentor.

Mateja Kramar holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and speaks five languages. She has been working and living in a multicultural and international environments her whole life. In her spare time she is a passionate hiker, painter, writer and a jazz-ballet dancer.

   Pascal Languillon
Pascal Languillon is specialized in sustainable tourism development and tourism marketing with 15 years of experience. He has traveled to sixty countries and worked on all six continents to serve a wide variety of clients from both the public and private sector.

He specializes in developing communication strategies aimed at linking travelers to responsible tourism destinations and organizations. He is the founder of the French Ecotourism Association and authored responsible travel guidebooks in English and French, including for Lonely Planet. Pascal holds a Masters degree in Environmental Science from the University of Auckland.

   Jesus Amadori
Jesus Amadori is a Finance & Strategy expert with 17 years of experience. He worked for several investment banks before definitely embracing the insurance world, where he now is the CFO for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) for the largest Spanish insurance company.
Jesus holds a BSc in Business from Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina) and later obtained an MBA from IE Business School (Spain).

   Melissa Foley
Utilizing over two decades of executive marketing and business development expertise in corporate America, combined with extensive global travel experience; she provides a unique perspective on tourism development.
Melissa has lived abroad for several years consulting for various NGO’s in Greece, India, Cambodia, Thailand and Tanzania. Primarily focused on women’s health, education, advocacy and wildlife conservation she has developed and implemented sustainable outreach programs integrating responsible tourism and voluntourism with local community development.

Most recently as a marketing consultant to local tour operators, lodges and the largest safari vehicle manufacturing company in Africa, she has established international networks and is actively promoting the development of corporate social responsibility policies into the tourism industry.

Having successfully climbed Kilimanjaro in 2016, she has a strong passion and commitment to the fair and ethical treatment of the hardworking mountain crew.

   Amy Warren
Amy Warren is a seasoned marketing professional with nine years of multi-disciplinary experience, developing and executing multi-national campaigns across leading Fortune 500 companies.

She holds two master degrees in International Business and Marketing where she completed one of the degrees in Japan and was the first Westerner accepted into the Kyoto Sangyo University MBA program. Amy is also an adjunct professor for the University of Missouri – St. Louis, known for their excellence in International Business programs, where she teaches digital strategy with an emphasis in organic and search engine marketing. She also sits on the marketing advisory board for the university and actively mentors students, providing guidance as they enter their professional careers.

Having traveled extensively across several different countries, Amy is passionate about sustainable and responsible travel and is a strong advocate for creating a positive social impact.

   Elizabeth Ashley Durham
Elizabeth Ashley (E.A.) Durham is an international development professional and has been working in developing markets for over ten years, particularly Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Malawi. For the past two years, she has been based in Nigeria where she represented The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Nigeria’s polio eradication program and managed a portfolio of the Foundation’s investments in eradicating polio and strengthening routine immunisation in Nigeria. Previously, she worked at McKinsey’s London and Johannesburg offices.

E.A. earned a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Biomedical Informatics from Vanderbilt University and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from The Georgia Institute of Technology. She is a keen cyclist, and has bicycled across America and Africa, and most recently the Tour de France Route.

   Lisa Chuma
Lisa Chuma is a publicity strategist who educates and helps individuals how they can get publicity for their businesses. Publicity that elevates their business visibility, gives their businesses personality and credibility while enhancing their reputation.

Based in Zug, Switzerland, Lisa was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK when she was 16.

She graduated from the University of East London in 2005 at the age of 21 and started an on-line magazine when she was 23. Lisa sold it when she moved to Switzerland with her husband in 2011.

After attending several networking events here, she decided to create a platform that promotes and brings women together. Within 18 months of arriving in Switzerland, Lisa launched the first and only exhibition for women in Switzerland—the Women’s Expo Switzerland.

Lisa has spent the last five years helping and supporting women to increase their business visibility, acquire new knowledge and expand their network.